Long Stay in the Hotel

If you had to stay in St. Petersburg not for one or two days but for several weeks and even months, you have probably faced the problem of housing. There are two options: to rent a flat for this time or to stay at the hotel for a long period. Guests of St. Petersburg think that renting a flat is the best option in this case but not many people understand that real estate agents are not always ready to accommodate them as such cooperation is not profitable to them. But there is a way of living that is simpler and more convenient, and this is a stay in the hotel for a long period of time. You can stay at our hotel without facing any problems. Just call us and book a suite or standard single or double room – the choice depends on our guests’ preferences.

Why staying at our hotel for a long period is cost efficient and convenient

Our hotel Silk Way is ready to accommodate you for one or two days, as well as for a long period of time. The hotel decorated in original and unusual Eastern style can offer you a full complex of all necessary services that will let you live in the northern capital for a long time. If you book a room in our hotel for a long period, you won’t have to think of cleaning the room, laundry, ironing of bad linen and other “pleasant” adds-on of staying at a rented flat. Besides, you will eat national dishes in Uzbek restaurant Navruz situated on the ground floor.

Silk Way is waiting for guests!

It is already enough to look at the photos of the rooms for staying there for a long time to see that they are decorated in Eastern style. Each visitor who is going to stay at our hotel for a long period will get:

  • Comfortable rooms at affordable prices;
  • Muslim visitors will definitely like prayer carpets, Koran, pointers to Mecca and halal menu in the restaurant;
  • All rooms are cleaned only when the client is absent;
  • The hotel is just 200 m from the underground station and half an hour from the center of St. Petersburg;
  • Our guests get a discount of 20 % on dishes from restaurant Navruz that is located on the ground floor;
  • There is a free parking lot for visitors near the hotel.

We can boldly say that our hotel is unique, as you have never seen such ones in the northern capital before.