The hotel “Silk Way”, Saint-Petersburg.

“By creating a Silk Way, we put the soul in it, and our main purpose is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere where all our guests, regardless of their nationality or religion would feel like home. And also we tried to make them feel the special aura of the East, especially charming and mysterious Central Asia, feel the history and culture of the Great Silk Road, so that they would always want to come back to us again”


The Silk Way hotel is located in St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful and tourist cities in Russia.

The hotel is located 180 meters from the subway “Leninsky prospect”; a 20-minute drive from the airport “Pulkovo”; a half hour drive from the most famous and popular St.-Petersburg suburbs: Peterhof, Pushkin and Pavlovsk, and near WHSD (Western High-Speed Diameter) – Inner city motorway, which can be very quickly reached to any part of the city.

The features of the hotel.

All rooms are decorated in the best traditions of Oriental countries which were included in the Great Silk Road with the elements of Arab, Persian and Central Asian art. Headboards in many rooms are brought from Khiva, where they were carved by hand from a unique and very durable wood – the elm. The walls in some rooms and the ceiling in the corridor of the hotel are painted by masters from Uzbekistan.

The hotel is also unique because it has all conditions for Muslims’ comfortable living. Each room has direction indicator to Mecca, proper arrangement of beds and special facilities for washing. Prayer mats and copies of the Quran in different languages (Arabic, Russian, English, etc.) can be provided on request.

On the ground floor there is an oldest in the city truly Uzbek restaurant “Navruz”, whose menu is halal and which serves breakfast and provides the room service for the guests of the Silk Way.

Also there is a 20% discount in the restaurant for the all hotel guests.

Facilities and service

Free Wi-Fi


Prayer room

Luggage room

Smoking area (smoking is prohibited on the whole territory of the hotel except this special area, penalty 5000₽)


Room Service

Free parking

Nearness to subway